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All keynote sessions use the following layout 
Keynote speakers present 3 key questions for reflection (5 min) by participants in small groups (10 min), followed by a 45 min talk, in order to increase participation and learning for all involved.

Our aims for the Conference

We want to bring together experts within the field of contemplative practice and within the field of the ongoing technological revolution, particularly within AI and adjacent technologies.

By listening to each other, and reflecting together, we hope to highlight the potentials and challenges from these fields of knowledge.  We also wish to highlight the important choices we humans need to make in order to create a sustainable future where technology is serving human needs under human control. 

We want to involve the audience in this reflection process in order to maximize the impact of the conference.

We know from research on adult learning, that the potential for changing our behavior is directly related to how active we are in the learning process. It is therefore highly preferable that all the presenters and the conference participants take part in the whole conference. The program is designed to allow for involvement of the participants both before the keynote speeches, in the follow-up workshops and in the final day discussions where the keynote speakers can dialogue on the key questions raised during the conference.

The conference will be filmed and made available online after the event to increase the impact of the conference.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Phone +47 48 13 33 26

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