Humanity at the Crossroads?

Contemplative Practice & AI / Modern Technologies 

In light of the exponential growth of artificial intelligence (AI) and the digitalization of our lives and cultures, a series of questions arise for man and the planet

There is a need for a deeper understanding of three main topics that will guide our common future:

  1. The essence, needs and possibilities of the human being
  2. The essence and possibilities of technology
  3. The relationship between man and technology

The conference will focus on our possibilities and responsibilities as human beings for the course of the ongoing evolution. A special area of interest will be the concern for future generations. Which human qualities do children and adolescents need to thrive in tomorrows´ sophisticated technological world?

The conference aims to clarify the premises for a humane and sustainable development in light of the ongoing technological revolution within bio-, info-, nanotechnology and artificial intelligence (AI).  

Target groups: People in education, technology, business, culture and public policy.

The format of the conference will be plenary talks, workshops/parallel sessions, panel discussions and dialogue with the audience. The event will be filmed and made available online. 

There will also be a four-day pre-conference retreat lead by Saki Santorelli. See here for more info about the retreat.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Phone +47 48 13 33 26

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